Buenos Aires Ibis Hotels: excellence at the best price

Ibis hotel chain, part of the Accor group, offers a unique experience in the segment of cheap hotels.


Buenos Aires Ibis Hotels: excellence at the best price

Jan 26, 2016


Ibis hotel chain, part of the Accor group, offers a unique experience in the segment of cheap hotels.

The Ibis Buenos Aires hotels are modern and innovative spaces offering affordable prices and ensuring a service of quality.

Now, is it possible to sustain a quality structure within the range of low cost? It is not only possible, but real: thanks to management based on the values of Welfare, Modernity and Simplicity; Marcela and Natalia, Managers of the units in Buenos Aires, refer to the Ibis as the "5 stars economy hotels ".

So, here we tell you ten reasons to stay in an Ibis when choosing the place for an ideal accommodation in Buenos Aires.

1- Location. Some meters from Obelisco and within walking distance of Congreso, the two Ibis hotels in Buenos Aires are located in privileged areas to feel, live and meet the rhythm of the city.

2- Friendly service. From the moment of arrival, guests receive a friendly, close and respectful treatment that makes you feel at home. This family link creates a friendly atmosphere that simplifies the processes of care during the stay. For example, in the lobby there is a cart allowing self-carriage of luggage without having to rely on a third party.

3- Atmosphere. The aesthetics of the Ibis is based on the concepts of innovation and modernity with the right amount of warmth that creates a modern, relaxed and entertaining climate.

4- 24-hour Bar. Available to spend a good moment at any time, the guest can approach the bar and get a menu of sandwiches, salads, and drinks. In addition, Ibis Congreso offers the Ibis Kitchen restaurant, where guests have the option to create their own menu from a variety of homemade dishes offered on the menu.

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5- On Line Chek-in. It is a unique service within the category of low-cost hotels. At time of booking through the Web site, the guest can check in on line. Once made, he will receive a text message on his mobile phone confirming the reservation, and upon arrival on destination the desk clerks will be waiting to welcome you and give you your room key.

6- Assured rest. It is called Sweet Bed and was specially developed by Accor for Ibis. It is the only network within the low-cost category that has a bed with unique design, created with organic materials. Formed by a mattress with different layers, allows breathing of material and is combined with a topper that ensures the comfort of sleep. The Sweet Bed Ibis is implemented in Argentina during 2016.

7- Free Wi Fi. Ibis hotels offer free Wi Fi both at rooms as well as in common areas, allowing guests to be connected the time they want and where they want.

8- ISO 9001 and 14001 Certificate. At Ibis all is timed to ensure the quality and welfare of the guest, while caring for the environment. The hotel chain is certified with ISO 9001 quality and 14001 care of environmental standards, recognition daily translated as actions such as reducing the consumption of energy and water, the use of biodegradable cleaning products and waste selection, among others.

9- Quality Agreement. The guest has an agreement beforehand that ensures that all service standards are met. Called fifteen minutes Satisfaction Contract, the contract provides that in the event that there is a problem that is not resolved during the first fifteen minutes of the stay, the hotel invites that night without charge.

10- Transparent pricing. Here you only pay what you consume, therefore, each service has a standardized price. The rooms are hired by night and offered to guest options for breakfast, lunch or outsourced services.

* Bonus track. All Ibis are pet friendly: they accept dogs up to fifteen kilos as long as the required documentation for any international travel is submitted. The service represents only a minimum differential charge.

Further information: WWW.IBIS.COM



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