Porteños dressed in smart suits, carry on in hand, and travelers with backpacks of 60 liters and a palpable anxiety. Men with caps, rods and gaze at the horizon and hurried drivers, with the imperturbable view at traffic lights. Extreme skaters and amateur dancers. Boys amazed with the takeoff of aircraft and adults drinking mate among Sunday talks. From Ciudad Universitaria to Puerto Nuevo you can bump into any of these characters: Costanera Norte is suitable for all.

The best postcard of Rio de la Plata

Rafael Obligado Avenue borders which, perhaps, is the most impressive view of Rio de la Plata. Kilometers and kilometers of water is all that can be seen in the distance from the coastal corridor that mixture parks, fishers, culinary offerings, nightclubs, theme parks, food trucks and famous restaurants. And you can choose which version of the area you like more.

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What is certain is that Costanera Norte loves the black sky. With family or friends, the air and the spectacular river view invite you to dinner at one of the restaurants or grills in the area. “Happening”, “El Padrino” and “Aquellos Años” for sure will call your attention if your taste is meat; “Rodizio” and “Siga la Vaca” are also classics that cannot be overlooked if you prefer the type grills all you can eat. If you dare to fast food, you can taste the proposals of any of the food carts that are located on the same Costanera: bondiola (pork) sandwich served with a sauce is undoubtedly, an exquisite challenge.

But here, also, the nights are longer and the music is art. The clubs floors like Jet Lounge and Tequila, two of the most exclusive of Buenos Aires, Pacha, Mandarine, Caix and Terrazas del Este combine pop, electronic, hip hop and more. Visited by top DJs, good beats and drinks pairing up a great night.

Costanera Norte stands as a unique location in the middle of the city

By day, Costanera Norte shows its other side and Parque Costanera Norte Punta Carrasco, opened in 2013, is one of the novelties. With hockey fields and slalom (skating with obstacles), circuit mountain bike, skate course and longboard, and spaces provided for the realization of many other disciplines such as BMX and climbing, the place stands out as a favorite for lovers of extreme sports.

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The area is also adapted to the demands of the kids. The Children's Park is an example: it is a large space with recreational games, sandboxes, beach and picnic areas. From this point of the city, it is also possible to walk to Vicente Lopez, a municipality which is a few kilometers away. The theme park Tierra Santa, only Religious Park in the world, is also an option for a day and a chance to learn a little more about how Jerusalem was 2000 years ago.

A few steps away you can find Ciudad Universitaria, the most famous campus of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). You can find there the Colleges of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Natural Sciences, and various research centers CONICET Argentina –argentine body that promotes science and technology. But that is not all: the land is home to an eco-village called Velatropa, a group of people living in adobe buildings and in a self-sustaining way.

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You see, the woodland corridor deploys its charms around the clock. And if you are still not convinced, we suggest one thing: walking slowly; become a pure sensation. Smell the river water, hear the birds singing, and watch the sunset. You will see how, little by little, the moon becomes your best source of illumination and the image of the former Club de Pescadores lights. That is, without doubt, the best snapshot that you can carry with you.

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