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Just a few kilometers from the City, a new universe opens in front of your eyes. The riverside zone is an attraction both for adults and children which includes sports, huge green spaces, historic buildings and enchanting cuisine circuits.

not everything happens downtown: meet another face of Buenos Aires

Vicente Lopez, music and outdoors

The closest district from downtown, it is made by nine different neighborhoods. In fact, it is so close to the capital city that you can cross it walking from the City of Buenos Aires: a 30 meter pedestrian bridge links “Parque de los Niños”, at downtown, to “Paseo de la Costa”, one of the main attractions on the other side of “Avenida General Paz”, the avenue that surrounds the city.

On the Riverside of Rio de la Plata and over Vito Dumas Street there is a huge free green space that invites you to enjoy outdoors. There, thousands of people meet during weekends to practice sports, sun tan or just relax: the so called “Paseo de la Costa” offers parasol, showers, canvas chairs and even sand beach resorts.

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Bar offers make this corridor a privileged place both during the day and at night where groups of friends and couples seek to enjoy, drink in hand, or by listening good music at some of the mass concerts organized at the amphitheater Arturo Illia.

Quinta Trabucco Cultural Center serves a similar function. In the old neoclassical mansion, located in Melo 3050, in the district of Florida, there are workshops, exhibitions, and concerts -Víctor Heredia, Jairo and Mercedes Sosa were some who passed through its halls- surrounded by an extensive grove . The amazing complex facing the river is also one of the favorite for international artists such as Muse and Ariana Grande.

More options? The film screenings, live performances and plays presented at Cine York and the craft fair every weekend unfolds and brings together more than 50 craftsmen in the neighborhood of Olivos , which make other interesting places to walk and enjoy outdoors far from the porteños at downtown.

San Fernando and San Isidro, gastronomic and cultural center

Vicente López neighbor districts are not far behind in terms of alternatives to spend a day outdoors: windsurfing, kayaking and other water sports can be practiced at the Yacht Club of San Isidro, almost on the border of San Fernando, or in Perú Beach, located in Sebastian Elcano 794. The Ribera Norte Municipal National Park or the Ecological Reserve of San Isidro also invites you to rest from the hustle of the city.

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However, both municipalities are highlighted, in particular, for being excellent choices if one wants to eat delicious, healthy and varied. The market Sabe la Tierra in the district of San Fernando, for example, is an emblem of the area. For five years, at San Fernando Train Station of Tren de la Costa, a train that borders Rio de la Plata and crosses the districts of Vicente Lopez, San Isidro and San Fernando until reaching Tigre, there is a fair that promotes direct contact between producers and consumers and a change in consumer habits.

But San Isidro, the edge municipality with Vicente Lopez, doubles the bet. The nooks to eat and drink abound, especially in the Bajo, the closest area to Rio de la Plata. You should go over this zone, walk through it slowly and decide randomly which place tempts you most. Attention foodies: the circuit around San Isidro Racecourse-Avenida Marquez 504- is also a great place to go for drinks and experience author dishes.

In San Isidro you also find history. The Cathedral, located on Libertador Avenue 16.200, is the perfect excuse to explore an area of colonial houses and groves. Opposite, the gals from Plaza Mitre invite you to enjoy street performers and craft fair every weekend.

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The Cathedral

A few meters away is the Quinta (countryhouse) Los Ombúes, museum made on what was the residence of one of the most important women in the history of Argentina, Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson. Pueyrredón Museum, a few blocks away is also interesting to watch the restoration of an old house with a cistern and various tree species typical of the area. However, Villa Ocampo -Elortondo 1837 is the favorite in the area. The former mansion of the writer Victoria Ocampo belongs to the UNESCO, and witnessed the passage of countless intellectuals and artists such as Jorge Luis Borges and Albert Camus. After the walk, do not miss the cafe located on the same site. Pleasure for the senses.

Tigre, on the riverside of Delta

If you keep moving north, a string of masts with flags of different nationalities will welcome Tigre. The Parana Delta seems out of a fairy: the riverside offers plenty of options for sports or relax surrounded by a unique biodiversity. You can take a ride on a catamaran, rent a boat, kayaking or canoeing, enjoy a spa day... You choose your adventure.

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Puerto de Frutos is also one of the suggested routes. Antiques, wicker and leather products, handicrafts, furniture and even herbs can be found in the open-air market. Record also the Boulevard Saenz Peña, a must for shopping or just strolling among flowers and cozy bistros.

It is in this district where the famous Parque de la Costa is located, one of the most important theme park of the country and a must for the little ones. The Casino Trilenium, also nearby, is its counterpart for adults.

You see, in the North Zone there are options for all claims. And if you stay still eager to learn and experience new things not far from downtown, you can try going to Pilar and Escobar. The Flower City, as they say to the last, is the home of Temaikén, a space dedicated to the conservation of nature just 50 kilometers from Buenos Aires. A bonus track for no matter what you decide to visit Northern Zone.

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