Nuñez area is one of the favorite urban options to take a serene ride that allows you to discover the daily profile of Buenos Aires. We speak of a neighborhood which most striking points are River Plate stadium and the coast of Rio de la Plata. Balancing between residential and commercial, Nunez is located north of the city and is bounded by General Paz, Cabildo, and Congreso Avenues and the river coast.

Nuñez keeps humble profile while being held as an intimate and sophisticated neighborhood that you never end meeting

With a real state attractive that seems endless despite the great number of towers located around Cabildo and Libertador, the district has the virtue of preserving an intimate and distinguished air which remains an interesting sample of low houses, some old and recycled with exquisite taste. The segment between Libertador and the river is characterized by the concentration of large outdoor areas, mostly sports clubs, although schools are also seen, a new cultural center and a large and newly renovated public space on the river banks.

Below you will find five reasons to approach this sector of a city that never ends meet, because it always reinvents itself.

Estadio Monumental (Monumental Stadium)

Although strictly speaking is in Belgrano, at the intersection of the avenues Figueroa Alcorta and Udaondo, almost all porteños consider that the Monumental stadium of River Plate Atletico Club is located in Nuñez. Built by the architects Firm Aslan and Ezcurra in 1937, and remodeled by themselves in 1978, it can accommodate 80,000 people and is home to one of the most popular soccer clubs in the country, eternal rival of another Argentine great: Boca Juniors. There it works the River Museum, which exhibits the treasures of the history of the institution, has a souvenir shop and also enables a tour of the stands and the entrance to the mythical field from the visitor tunnel. The stadium is imposed as a giant in this nice residential neighborhood with tree-lined streets and quiet as long as no matches are played or multitudinous recitals organized (on that stage played the Rolling Stones, Sting, Madonna, U2, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Lady Gaga, and the list goes on).

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El Parque de los Niños (The Children´s Park)

On the coast of Rio de la Plata and hidden behind Cantilo Avenue, the main attraction of this park is its privileged view of a horizon dotted with sailboats and the background, far away, a few islands in the Delta. With 32 hectares in total, the area has parking, bike paths, playgrounds, areas with trees and tables, sanitary facilities and a pedestrian bridge connecting the nearby town of Vicente Lopez. This Park is chosen by families, fishermen and lovers of the barrels, the Children's Park is open from Tuesday to Sunday until 8 pm.

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Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos (Space Memory and Human Rights)

In the premises of the former School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA), ex clandestine detention and torture center most emblematic of the last Argentine military dictatorship, in 2007 opened a space for the promotion of human rights where today you can find: the Haroldo Conti Cultural Center, the Cultural Space Nuestros Hijos, a Museum of Memory and another center aimed to raising awareness about Argentina's sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. It is located on Liberator 8151 and its calendar of events, exhibitions, theater performances and projections are available at www.espaciomemoria.ar.

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Costanera & Ciudad Universitaria

The only avenue overlooking the river is the Costanera Norte Rafael Obligado, born in Recoleta, crosses Palermo and Belgrano and ends in Núñez. Throughout this tour you can find restaurants, discos, Airport Jorge Newbery, one of the campuses of the University of Buenos Aires City –Ciudad Universitaria- and a Memorial Park where a monument stands to the Victims of the State Terrorism of the last military dictatorship.

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Cafés, restaurants & similar

Along with the real estate boom, Nuñez was slowly filling up with cafes, restaurants and stores that have nothing to envy for their neighbors in Palermo. To mention just a few: on Hipólito Living Café (11 de Septiembre 3102) you can have breakfast or lunch in a lovely atmosphere; while the book store Lunaria (Iberá 1629) offers titles such as to keep you entertained for a whole day, including children's books, cooking, design and more. Oporto Almacén (11 de Septiembre 4152) and Zen Tea Sushi Nikkei (11 de Septiembre 3351) stand out among the culinary offerings; and to be tempted by deco products there appear Penny Lane (gift shop exclusively created by Argentine designers in Cuba 3305) or Sweet Home Ramos Generales (on Nuñez 2504 and with some shabby chic). Clearly this young and multifaceted neighborhood also offers clothing, bicycle Shops, bars and much more: further evidence that there is Nuñez for a while.

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