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Meet Buenos Aires in one day! And by bike! This tour takes you from north to south of Buenos Aires through its most attractive districts: Puerto Madero, La Boca, San Telmo, Downtown, Retiro, Recoleta and Palermo. 

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Meet Buenos Aires in one day! And by bike! The tour begins in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero, which wanted to be a mega-port project in 1887, but became obsolete, and became the most modern and sophisticated neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Skyscrapers, the highest in the city, in contrast to some of the most beautiful green spaces for cycling. For example, the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, a must stop during this tour and with mates included!

It´s unbelievable that 40 years ago all these lots were part of the river ... And speaking of the river, did you know that the Rio de la Plata is the widest in the world?From Puerto Madero it is possible to appreciate its vastness, where the horizon is lost with the sky as if it were the ocean.

We keep pedaling! Heading south, next stop: the neighborhood of La Boca, with the Bombonera (the legendary soccer stadium of Boca), and the famous Caminito with its colorful tenements and its tango history.

Then, the tour continues to the oldest area of Buenos Aires: San Telmo, the historic center of the city. And it's time for a delicious break! The tour includes lunch in a classic neighborhood tavern, where you can taste a typical porteño menu (with vegetarian options).

Say goodbye to San Telmo; it's time to keep going! The road leads to the Plaza de Mayo, a key to get into the exciting Argentinian history. There, in 360 degrees, are the most important buildings of the founding of the city and Argentina: the Government House (Casa Rosada), the Cabildo, the Cathedral, the Pyramid of Mayo...

We left the square to cross the center and reach Retiro, the starting point to meddle in the Buenos Aires aristocracy. Thanks to the contribution of famous architects and landscapers, it starts a journey full of parks, squares, and the so renamed palaces that make Buenos Aires the "Paris of South America".

Undoubtedly, the most Parisian neighborhood is Recoleta, where the journey takes us to the famous cemetery, the oldest in the city. There lie the remains of illustrious personalities of Argentina (eg, Evita Peron). Architecturally speaking, the Recoleta Cemetery is considered an open-air museum thanks to the production and blending of styles of its tombs.

The tour ends in the vast area of the city: Palermo. Specifically in its most fashion and affluent area, Palermo Chico, a small sub-section of curved streets, mansions and ancient trees. The landscaper Carlos Thays left his mark by making this place a quiet, wooded and tight city, ideal for cycling and ending a wonderful day.

Tour length: 7 hours. (With breaks and lunch stop).

This tour includes:

* Guides in English and Spanish

* Bicycles and helmet

*Travel Insurance


San Jose 525

9 AM

* Puerto Madero

* Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

* Puente de la Mujer

* La Boca

* Tango

* La Bombonera

* Caminito

* San Telmo

* Centro

* Plaza de Mayo

* El Cabildo

* Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

* Pirámide de Mayo

* Retiro

* Plaza San Martín

* Recoleta

* Cementerio de la Recoleta

* Palermo chico

48 hs. previas al tour, cancelación sin cargo. Pasado ese plazo la penalidad es del 100%.

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