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Would you like to cook, eat and enjoy like a porteño? This tour is perfect for that! From how an empanada (pie) is made, up to what cooking point have to ask for a steak, what is mate or how it is said, without opening your mouth; “qué te pasa?” ("What’s wrong").

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You can become the protagonist of a good Argentine dinner: authentic, entertaining, and delicious!

Our tour begins at 7 pm with a round of cocktails based on Malbec, pisco, lime and apple juice. Then, dressed with chef toque and apron, they invite us to the table to start a unique evening.

The first activity is an empanada (pie) class delivered by three guides-waiters who speak English and Portuguese. After learning the basics to prepare this traditional Argentine snack, we are encouraged to create our own versions, giving free rein to the creativity of each visitor.

The following activity is shaped as a picada (Argentine "antipasti"). The guides explain why it is as important to the locals as they invite us with provoletas tasting, sweetbreads and chorizo. Each specialization comes with its sauce that includes ingredients like paprika, torrontés and yellow pepper, to give an international touch to the experience. The wine is also a star of the evening; Torrontés, a blend and a viognier fill the cups of visitors at different times.

The following is an introduction to local culture and idiosyncrasy: the class of Argentine gesticulations. They explain how to interpret a lot of the locals idioms, and we also learn to say "ojito" (watch out), “qué te pasa? ("what's wrong") or "tenés cuiqui? (fear in slang).

So much sign language is a good introduction to the culminating moment of the night: the main course. An unmissable part of the best Argentine tenderloin, served with vegetables on fire (vegetarian option available).

Then, it comes the dessert time where we are invited to try an Argentine classic of all time, "el vigilante", or cheese and sweet potato jam.

The end of the night is bitter-sweet because it includes the traditional mate, and also alfajorcitos de maicena (made by ourselves).

It´s 11 pm and we have already lived a good summary of how to eat, drink and speak in Argentina. The experience ended, but the feeling of being a local lasts forever.


WINE TASTING AND COCKTAIL: We start the experience one hour in advance with the tasting of the best Argentine wines. Also, you can learn to prepare three innovative wine-based cocktails. To accompany: delicious tapas that combine perfectly with our drinks.

The tour includes round trip from and to the hotel.

Tour length: 4 hs.

It also includes:

* Guides in English and Portuguese.

* Pick up and drop off at the hotel.

* Dinner (starter, main course and dessert) and drinks.

* Cooking class (empanadas and alfajores de maicena).

* Argentine gesticulation class.

* Argentine wine tasting (optional).

* Cocktail class (optional).

* Typical argentine dinner

* Mate

* Cooking class

* Argentine gesticulation class

* Argentine wine tasting (optional).

* Cocktail class (optional)


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