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Unforgettable! Christmas Eve dinner in of the best tango shows; candy table, special dinner, Champagne and much more !!

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It´s not the typical tango show. Besides, it includes gaucho scenes (with boleadoras!) and Argentine folk music. In a few hours, the audience appreciates the musical and traditional Argentine richness, from the deep countryside to the city life. As if that were not enough, the conductor deserves a special mention: in addition to showing off his violin, he leads the orchestra with an enviable tango passion.

It includes round trip to hotel.

19.30 we start in the lobby of the Hotel to move to La Ventana.

Our Chef recommends:

- Cold Appetizers -

* Capresse Salad. Tomato, mozzarella and basil, with basil coulis.

* Chef Salad. Ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot, hard-boiled egg and cabbage.

* Argentine Pasties. Filled with hand-cut veal, potatoes, onion, scallion and egg.

* Vegetable Soup.  Zucchini, carrot, celery, squash vegetable, pumpkin and spinach.          

* Onion cream soup. With baby onions, chives and croutons

- Main Course -

* Grilled Baby Beef.   With baked potatoes and chimichurri sauce.

* Special Baby Beef .With demi glace sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans.

* Chicken al plomo. Roast chicken with  vegetables and tomato sauce.

* Pork Bondiola. With barbecue sauce and fried sweet potatoes.

* Breaded tenderloin. With mozzarella, tomatoes and french fries.

* Catch of the day. With mashed  potatoes, spinach and capers.

* Pasta stuffed. With Mozzarella and ham.

* Spinach Ravioli.  Stuffed with spinach and ricotta.

* Homemade Tagliatelle.

- Desserts -

* Homemade Custard. With caramel spread (dulce de leche) and cream.

* Warm Pancake. With Caramel spread.

* Ice Cream Sundae. Ice cream with berries and meringue.

* Pears in Malbec. Cooked in Malbec wine with Vanilla ice cream.

* Express Coffee or tea.


Malbec Red Wine and Chardonay White Wine.

(Callia cellar from Mendoza), Beer, Water, Soft Drinks.

10pm - Tango and Folklore Show.

 00 Hs. - Christmas Toasting with Champagne


pastry, chocolate candies and Italian Panettone.

Special Celebration and Dance Party.

People will be driven back from 0.30 Hs., every 15 minutes.

- Special Tango Show

- Champagne

- Candy Table

- San Telmo

- Christmas Toasting

- Special Celebration and Dance Party

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