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To enjoy “experiencing Madero Tango” is to really get to know where tango lives. Don´t miss this unique opportunity!

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This option is not valid for the following dates:

24/12/2019 – Christmas Eve
31/12/2019 – New Year´s Eve

To watch from the most spectacular window in the city the blend of the river that brought the immigrants who would give birth to tango, with the most modern buildings of Argentina, is to acknowledge that tango is alive.

To enjoy “experiencing Madero Tango” is to really get to know where tango lives. This musical gênre recently declared human heritage is much more than the memory of its golden decades. Today, tango moves your nerve, impassions you, woes you… It is definitely alive and it is the real and vivid story of every day life. Madero Tango is the only place of its kind where the present and the past merge to create a bond between the audience and tango that is never forgotten.

Long live tango, enjoy Madero Tango!

Options includes round trip to hotel.

ONLY SHOW (option not recommended)

The service doesnt have a good view of the show. It does not include meals or drinks. Yet, customers will be able to order any dish from the menu and pay for the consumtion.


Good view of the show at a “unique” fare in the market. Enjoy a menu of two different choices of entrées, main courses and desserts. A Glass of Wine for person or a Soft Drink or a Beer Chop will also be included. SEATING: From the 6th Row, Side of the Stage, and from the 3rd Row, Running Perpendicular to the Stage.


Seating from the 3rd to the 5th Row, Side of the Stage, and the 1st and 2nd Rows, Running Perpendicular to the Stage. It also makes it possible for the customers to choose an entrée, a main course and a dessert from among a variety of 4 options. A bottle of wine, local production, every two customers of the famous Malbec, Cabernet or Chardonnay grapevines is also included. Customers will also have the option of drinking a soft drink or a beer chop per person. 



You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive dinner with six different choices of entrées, main courses and desserts. You’ll also enjoy free argentine wine of the Cabernet, Malbec or Chardonnay grapevines, or free beer or soft drinks for that matter.

At the end of the show, Madero tango hands over a DVD and offers a tango lesson for beginners by the professional dancers of the show brooched with the diploma certifying you as member of Madero Tango marvellous world.

SEATING: Starting on the 6th Row In Front of the Stage and up to 2 Rows Side of the Stage.



Stamped with the  mark of excellence, the Show Dinner Premium offers a unique service to most demanding customers. Individual tables at our most exclusive sector a few meters from the stage, from where no detail of the tango show will go unnoticed. A delicious menu carefully designed by our author cuisine with an extense variety of entrées, main courses and desserts. Free choice of wine and different champagne brands, all of them free. Unlimited consumption of beer or soft drinks all night through.

The service also includes a photograph, the DVD of the show and the possibility of a “tango lesson” by the dancing couples who starred the show brooched with a diploma of attendance signed by them.

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