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A unique tango show in the world! Faena Hotel signified tango shows with its own proposal: Rojo Tango. Talent, rebellion and much sensuality in a French cabaret designed by the genius Philippe Starck.

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24/12/2018 – Christmas Eve
31/12/2018 – New Year´s Eve

Rojo Tango is a unique tango show, the most exclusive proposal in Buenos Aires.
Designed by Philippe Starck, it recreates a French cabaret form the early century in the Hotel Faena. His show traces the history of tango, from the 20s until Piazzolla, with some touches of modernity. It is a dynamic, intense show, which envelops the viewer in a very special atmosphere. The interpretation of a typical orchestra (formation of quintet: piano, bass, two accordions and violin), a female singer, a male singer and 5 couples of dance led by two geniuses: Sandra Bootz and Gabriel Ortega. Lovely equally irreverent!

It includes round trip by hotel.
Dinner: 8.30 pm
Show: 10.15 pm

DINNER SHOW: Rojo Tango menu presents varied flavors with products of excellent standard. The menu is accompanied by Champagne Baron B and Terrazas Malbec and Chardonnay wine cellar.

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