Palermo for foodies: 8 highly recommended restaurants

Essential restaurants of the biggest restaurant area of the city.


Palermo for foodies: 8 highly recommended restaurants

Mar 29, 2016


Essential restaurants of the biggest restaurant area of the city.

There are around six thousand restaurants in the city of Buenos Aires and its suburbs. From that total, around one thousand are located in Palermo, a huge and multifacetic neighborhood where you can easily feel overwhelmed. In an area, Palermo can be residential and quiet; in other, it can be enthusiastic and full of bars, and in other you will find high-quality restaurants. There are many Palermos within Palermo: Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Zoo and more. To avoid getting lost in the biggest neighborhood of the city, we prepared a list with some places that you cannot miss. 

1- Osaka: sushi and tiraditos

Soler 5608

It was the first spot in Buenos Aires specialized in Nikkei cuisine. This is: a fusion between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, combining the strength and variety of ingredients, flavors and preparations. Its salmon tiradito with maracuja and lemon sauce (Carpaassion) became really famous, but there is more: tasty ceviche, rolls, makis and causas. High-end quality at decent price.

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Tiradito Carpassion

2- Tegui: modern Argentine cuisine

Costa Rica 5852

Tegui is considered the best restaurant in Argentina, according to 50best of San Pellegrino. It is chic, elegant, expensive, and a place to try and understand the modern Argentine cuisine. Dishes served with seasonal menu, in creative preparations and luxury presentations, from partridge bird with corn, yellow pepper and figs, or 24-hour cooked lamb with thyme yogurt, crispy eggplant and burn thyme. You can eat from the menu or choose the tasting menu.

3- Don Julio: high-quality barbecue

Guatemala 4699

In Don Julio the meat rules. Located on a centennial construction that used to be a tenement house, this barbecue became famous among tourists and locals because it served the best quality meat (they only use meat from grass-fed cows and heifer, no feed lot). Order without fear, everything is tasty and at the cooking point requested: butterfly steak, rib steak with sirloin steak or beef roulade, together with impeccable French fries or waffle cut fries.

4- Burger joint: trash burger shop

Jorge Luis Borges 1766

The best spot to ear burgers in Palermo. Trashy, relaxed, with walls full of graffiti, good music and an audience mostly under 35. Burger joint works with a “self service” system and many tables (inside and outside) are community tables. It offers seven varieties of burgers, and we suggest the following: Jamaiquina -with pineapple, bacon and cucumber- Bleu -with blue cheese, mushrooms and sweet onions-; and if you want to try something more indigenous, try Tévez (in honor to the brave Argentine soccer player Carlos Tevez) with provolone cheese, pepper and tasty chimichurri.

5- Birkin: a coffee for every day

Republica Arabe Siria 3061

Located in the most prosperous area of Palermo - near the zoo - this bar takes its name after the beautiful Jane Birkin, and it is a shelter to go with the computer to work. Fancy, cheerful and with a New York style, it offers impeccable espressos, lattes and capuccinos prepared from its own blend combining two varieties of Colombian coffee.

Buenos Aires Palermo

6- Eterna Cadencia: books and more

Honduras 5582

In an old house in Palermo, this charming bookshop has been opened for more than ten years. Wooden bookshelves crammed with books, a back living-room with armchairs and a terrace ideal for summer afternoons. Moreover, it has a bar-restaurant offering dishes of the day and quick meals with an excellent relationship price-quality.

Buenos Aires Palermo

7- Oui Oui: a deli for the afternoon meals

Nicaragua 6068

If you plan to have an afternoon meal or brunch, Oui Oui is one of the most important, with its naive, romantic and Parisian style. Lemonade, tasty bread, chocolate and cake and Benedict eggs are among its specialties, but there is much more - depending on the day - announced in billboards or arranged on a big wooden table.

8- Sarkis: an Arab and cheap family restaurant

Thames 1101

This Armenian restaurant is one of the most popular of the city. By far. Customers fill the streets at all times; therefore, be patient to get a table (at least you will surely have to wait for an hour). A noisy, cheerful and family restaurant, its menu offers quick options: dishes to share with others and be happy. Hummus, tabule, falafel, jambra, open pies and the tasty mantí (opened ravioli at the Arab style) and lamb meat “al fierrito”. For dinner, do not miss the wonderful Sarkis dessert.

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