Buenos Aires according to your age: 20s and 40s

There is a Buenos Aires for each stage of life. The porteño spirit is the same, but everything changes if you come at 20s or after 40s. Surprising and funny, despite the ages, Buenos Aires will never let you down.


Buenos Aires according to your age: 20s and 40s

Feb 23, 2016


There is a Buenos Aires for each stage of life. The porteño spirit is the same, but everything changes if you come at 20s or after 40s. Surprising and funny, despite the ages, Buenos Aires will never let you down.

Cultural tour

-When you are 20, you choose programs as cheap as possible to visit the town. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Aires (National Arts Museum), where you can admire works from famous national and foreign artists, is free every day. In La Boca, when you go to Caminito, do not miss Fundación Proa contemporary art exhibitions, at only 25 Argentine Pesos.

-When you are 40, you do not save on culture and are willing to pay any sum if the tour is worth it. We recommend the Malba Museum to know the best Latinoamerican Art. And also, enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Teatro Colón: invest in a good seat for a concert, an opera or ballet.

Buenos Aires
When you are 40: Teatro Colón

Knowing the city

-In your 20s, you have energy and vitality to visit the 48 neighborhoods of the city on 2 wheels. The City Government offers an efficient free bicycle loan. But you will need your passport. In this website, you will find the Ecobici (Ecobike) spots all over Buenos Aires: www.buenosaires.gob.ar/ecobici.

-In your 40s, you are not willing to sweat and make an effort on a bike. So, before making any tour or visit, know the hits of the city from the roof of the Sightseeing Bus, going through the urban areas from Plaza de Mayo to La Boca, going through Palermo and Belgrano.

Buenos Aires
In your 20s: On 2 wheels


-In your 20s, you eat a lot at the hotel and do not stop till the afternoon, but you will eventually have to try something else than toasts and scrambled eggs. In Buenos Aires, you have lots of dining options, to cater all tastes and budgets. But the truth is that if you came to this part of the planet, you cannot leave without first having tried asado, or at least, barbecued meat. In your 20s, you have a strong and resilient stomach to try a delicious “choripán” (sausage sandwich) in front of the river at the famous “carrritos” of the Costanera (City foodtrucks): 100% happiness and good prices guaranteed. If you prefer somewhere with tables and waiters, you can go to Los Platitos, also in Costanera Norte, Desnivel in San Telmo (Defensa 855) or Las Cabras in Palermo (Fitz Roy 1795).

-In your 40s, you need to eat the 4 meals without exception, and besides your wallet lets you leave the tourist fast behind. Your plan surely includes trying Argentine meat, but in a premium version, because together with maturity comes an educated palate which calls for different and new tastes. El Don barbecue, in Palermo Hollywood (Carranza 1859) offers sophisticated and modern meat cuts. At the traditional and famous La Cabrera (Cabrera 5099), you will find everything an adult needs.

The escape

-In your 20s, you ask for directions to get to Tigre by train. You spend your day with a picnic basket. You buy some decoration articles at Puerto de Frutos. And you go through the river in a collective boat.

-In your 40s, you also choose Tigre, but farther away from civilization: in a Delta island surrounded by peace and silence. You want nature, but with luxury, no camping like in those days as a young university student. Among the many places to spend the weekend you will find Bahía Esmeralda, Los Pecanes or Rumbo 90.

Going out at night

-In your 20s, the night starts late and continues until the sun comes out. You can always choose something quiet like the street of a small bar, grab a beer and spend the night until it closes (around 3 a.m., it depends on the day). But there are also options with music and dancing in many bars such as Duarte Bar, offering good drinks and acceptable food (Godoy Cruz 1725). The most sophisticated may dance in the terrace of Belushi by the moonlight and until the first light of the day (Honduras 5333). And if you prefer alternative-indie style or electronic music, Niceto offers many theme parties to choose from depending on your style (Niceto Vega 5510).

-In your 40s, you do not like spending the whole night out, you are too tired and do not feel like it. You prefer fancy drink bars where cocktails are the stars, offering author drinks and Miles Davis is heard in the background. Pony line at the Four Seasons (Posadas 1086), Florería Atlántico in Retiro (Arroyo 872), Victoria Brown in Palermo Soho (Costa Rica 4827) and Frank´s in Palermo Hollywood (Arévalo 1443) are bars that fit perfectly with your concept of “night.”

Buenos Aires
In your 40s: Florería Atlántico


-In your 20s, the perfect plan is to play an improvised soccer match in a city neighborhood square. Although if you are a fan, you can buy a ticket to attend the weekend soccer classic. If you like extreme sports, you will love the park on Costanera Norte and the spaces to practice (and see) skate, longboard, bowl skate, flatland, inline slalom, mountain bike, longboard, bicipolo and palestra.

-In your 40s, you are a strict runner. You look for a track to run your daily kilometers in Palermo Woods, in Puerto Madero or in the lane at the hotel gym. You would love to live a River-Boca experience and are willing to pay a lot to have the view from a preferential spot. Another option you will love is a polo match.

Buenos Aires
In your 20s: Costanera Norte


-In your 20s, the idea of Tango involves taking a picture with the Carlos Gardel monument in Abasto, or watching one of the street shows in Florida street. And you can also learn the basics of tango in La Viruta (Armenia 1366), it is a cool dance, not because of love towards the dance itself, but to make friends with people of the opposite sex.

-In your 40s, tango is different, you like it or not. If you like it, you must go to the best tango shows of the city where you will enjoy music, eat and dance with a couple. You will be thrilled at Rojo Tango (Martha Salotti 445), the Café de los Angelitos (Rivadavia 2100), Esquina de Carlos Gardel (Carlos Gardel 3200) and Taconeando (Balcarce 725).

Buenos Aires
In your 40s: Rojo Tango



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