Argentine Leather: What's the secret?

We unveil the mysteries of the Argentine leather and explain what makes it unique.


Argentine Leather: What's the secret?

Nov 17, 2015


We unveil the mysteries of the Argentine leather and explain what makes it unique.

Leather is an icon in Argentina, like Maradona and Messi, the mate, the tango... And it is globally known for its quality. However, not many people know the origin of its prestige. You surely imagine it is related to the bovine activity of the country, but what about it?

Jackets, belts, handbags, bags, wallets, shoes and even in upholstery, leather industry in Argentina is even older than the foundation of the country. Story tells that one of the first exports to Europe was made by a tannery founded in 1790. Argentina is an ideal country to make leather famous worldwide: large extensions of fields and the adequate weather enable free-range farming and abundance. Moreover, cows do not require balanced feed, a crucial point in this matter, and consequently, cows provide a fibrous and elastic material which, after being industrialized, becomes a fine grain, flexible, soft, durable, resistant and deliciously scented product with woody and sweet notes.

The success formula: ideal natural conditions, and a centennial experience in the subsequent treatment of leather, both at the tannery, and the design and manufacturing process.

In Buenos Aires, you will find leather in thousands of different objects, at a lower price than other cities in the world. If you prefer something traditional, you can get inspiration from the gaucho image: a gaucho knife with leather cover, or a leather sash with silver buckle - add a poncho and a hat - and feel like a gaucho for one day. If you prefer daily objects, the options are infinite: from clothes to ornaments, or luggage, shoes, jewelry and furniture. Below you will find our selection of best products:

* Las Pepas

A female clothes brand which, besides its trendy collections, it is famous for leather jackets with irresistible designs. What to buy? The leather jacket of your lifetime.


* Casa López

Opened more than seventy years ago, this store is among the most traditional stores of the country for leather bags and belts, accessories and leather clothes. The collection combines the classic and distinguished profile of the brand with contemporary trends. What to buy? Luggage and male jackets.


* Rossi & Caruso

With a workshop that has been manufacturing boots, saddles, and carriage articles for more than a century, Rossi & Caruso proposes a lifestyle in every collection of clothes, handbags, shoes, luggage and decoration, as well as a horseback riding line, riding whips and polo. What to buy? Collection boots and shoes.


Leather Argentina
Rossi & Caruso

* Lázaro

Here, the top quality leather is combined in a professionally designed work inspired in the latest trends. What to buy? Bags and handbags, authentic objects of desire.


* 28 Sport

Shoes with designs based on sports shoes such as soccer, rugby, golf, bowling, athletics, boxing and mountain climbing, always with a vintage touch. Handcrafted, really original and made of leather, with a manufacturing process that maintains the excellence of its early days, back in 1928. What to buy? Unique design shoes to be admired wherever you go.




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