Where to eat spicy food in Buenos Aires: 4 proposals for all tastes

Do you miss “getting chilli? Read this article.


Where to eat spicy food in Buenos Aires: 4 proposals for all tastes

Nov 13, 2015


Do you miss “getting chilli? Read this article.

Porteños are accused of being too weak when eating spicy food. Unlike Mexicans, Americans and Asians our tolerance threshold appears to be much lower. That may be true. But it´s also true that there are several ethnic or American-style restaurants, where those who are fans of extreme flavors will be able to enjoy a good dose in Buenos Aires. Here we mention some (there´re many more places, which also recommend in this website as La cresta or Cocina Sunae). Let´s see:

1- Dogg

Since 2013, when it opened its doors Dogg specialized in hotdogs prepared with the best raw materials and ingredients. On a shelf, on free demand, it keeps growing collection of sauces from around the world: you can get from Sirach to varieties of Mexico, Louisiana and California, among other places.

DOMICILE: blanco encalada 1665, belgrano. gorriti 5751, Palermo. 

Spicy Buenos Aires

2- Sudestada

Great place for lunch in Palermo with a menu of unbeatable value for money. Aesthetically, it´s quite simple, white and minimalist as if they´d try to compare the intensity and textures of their dishes, many of them well spicy. In addition to curries and stir-fries, one of its strengths is the Vietnamese rolled pork with vegetables.

DOMICILE:  Guatemala 5602, Palermo

3- Mash

A curry house in San Telmo, whose owners are Martyn, an English chef, and his partner Gustavo. Few tables, somewhat bohemian and expat atmosphere, Mash is a good haven for fans of hot and spicy flavors. What to order? The Trinadanian beef, originally from the island of Trinidad, accompanied by peanut sauce, or the Tikka Masala chicken.

DOMICILE:  DEFENSA 1338, San Telmo

4- el tejano

Leaded by the Texan turned into porteño Larry Rogers, this small restaurant in Palermo is a paradise for carnivores and lovers of spicy. Rogers is devoted to preparing a series of sauces ranging from slightly spicy sauces to deadly spicy to accompany his smoked meats, with much pepper and seasoning. Unmissable!

DOMICILE: córdoba 5267, PALERMO



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