Getting into the cow: the most famous beef cuts in Argentina

The most common and exquisite beef cuts of Buenos Aires.


Getting into the cow: the most famous beef cuts in Argentina

Dec 17, 2015


The most common and exquisite beef cuts of Buenos Aires.

Argentina Beef

Rib Eye (Ojo de bife)

Some cooks, such as Francis Mallman in his book Siete Fuegos, consider the Rib Eye as the best cut of Argentine cows, because of its perfect balance between meat and fat. Technically speaking, it is the center of the boneless fore rib, located between the seventh and tenth rib. It may be grilled, or cooked in the oven or in a pan. It is tender and delicious.

Where to try it: La Cabrera Norte. Cabrera 5127, Palermo

Baby Beef (Bife de chorizo)

Another classic. A good "a point", baby beef is not too bloody or too dry, and it is usually eaten with a green salad. It is a cut taken from the outer part of the animal spine, and in most countries it is known as "entrecot". In local restaurants, the entire cut is served, and it may be up to six centimeters high, or it may be cut in the middle ­ the "butterfly" style.

Where to try it: in Happening, you can have a 450 gram baby beef. Avenida Rafael Obligado 7030, Costanera

Flank Steak (Entraña)

It was absent from barbecue menus for many years, but it slowly returned to where it belongs: flank steak is a delicious cut when it is juicy and well prepared (it is barely cooked on each side, to avoid losing juices and tenderness). It is the section of the diaphragm on the ribs, and it is covered with thin fat. It's delicious.

Where to try it: Don Julio. Guatemala 4691, Palermo

Short ribs (Tira de asado)

Together with flank, they are the King and Queen of the most traditional barbecues. Short ribs are taken from the beef rack cut in 3 cm to 5 cm [1 in to 2 in] wide, perpendicular to the bones. This bone cut is eaten on a plate. A tip: the first ribs are the best parts, because they contain less fat.

Where to try it: Cabaña Villegas. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1050, Puerto Madero

Tenderloin (Lomo)

It is among the most expensive cuts. It is tender, lean and with a soft flavor, it is obtained from the conic and long muscle located under the ribs. In other countries, it is known as sirloin (solomillo) and it is served as a single round piece of at least 3 cm (1 in) high. However, it is also cut thin and eaten in sandwiches, and it may also be stewed. Tenderloin with pepper, mustard or stroganoff is among the dishes prepared with this cut.

Where to try it: La Brigada. Estados Unidos 465, San Telmo

Rose meat

It is a lean meat layer taken from the area between the cow skin and rack. This typical Argentine cut is used to prepare several dishes: from the classic rolled version for New Year holidays, stuffed with vegetables, egg and spices, up to varieties such as pizza rose meat (with cheese, tomato and ham on top) or grilled. It is usually tenderized with milk.

Where to try it: El Mirasol. Alicia Moreau de Justo 202, Puerto Madero



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