GPS with discounts to buy at the best prices


GPS with discounts to buy at the best prices

Feb 17, 2016


The trendiest favorite: Aguirre

It is the star outlet circuit of the city. In a few blocks in Villa Crespo, next to Palermo Hollywood, you will find the stores with the best brands of the country. Together with discounts and clearance sales, there are always racks with the newest collections.

-The best: stores are clean, tidy, and keep the style of any department store. Moreover, there are brands for everyone in the family.

-Discounts: from 20% to 60%, with almost no seconds.

-When to go: while stores are opened also on weekends, you should go from Monday to Friday, when it is less crowded and salespersons are more willing to help in the search of models, colors and sizes. From Mondays to Saturdays, stores open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Sundays, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

-Where: three blocks on Aguirre Street –from 600 to 900-, from Malabia to Thames. The stores continue on Gurruchaga, Velasco and Loyola streets.

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A timeless classic: Cordoba Avenue

It is the entrance to Aguirre area. Located on the avenue dividing Palermo and Villa Crespo, the outlet tour of Cordoba Avenue has been a classic for more than 20 years with full-time discounts. With a great variety of brands ranging from the most exclusive to the most affordable, this circuit is famous for its wide variety of sports clothes.

-The best: unlike Aguirre, brands also offer seconds at very competitive prices. If you like to go through baskets and find category sales, this is your place.

-Discounts: clothes from old seasons may be 20% to 50% off, while seconds may be up to 70% off.

-When: the same rule applies for this area, i.e., from Monday to Friday. And preferably in the morning. Cordoba Avenue is one of the most important roads to leave the town to the Northern Area; if you get there early, you will avoid the 6 p.m. traffic chaos. Open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays closed.

-Where: the ten blocks of Cordoba Avenue go from Lavalleja to Juan B. Justo, from 4300 to 5300.

Multibrand space: Central Station

If you go to Tigre, in Olivos you will find a huge area offering products of design and exclusive brands. You will not find incredible discounts, but a good relationship between price and quality. Special for fashionists.

-The best: it offers an ideal selection of clothes; ideal for cocktail dresses or quality classics such as coats or shoes. Moreover, the area is arranged as a neat and tidy department store divided in brands to make your search easier.

-Discounts: from 20% to 40%.

-When: any day, even Saturdays and Sundays. It is opened from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and because of its location near the river, it may be an interesting full-day tour.

-Where: Olivos Station, Tren de la Costa, Avenida del Libertador 3040. This store has 2 smaller stores in Palermo –Armenia 1751- and San Telmo –Avenida Belgrano 302.

Cheap leather: Murillo

In a country proud of its leather, there is a street selling clothes of this material at affordable prices. Here you will find longstanding manufacturers of all kinds of leather clothes: not only jackets, but also trousers, skirts, vests, shirts, trenches, bags and shoes for all the family. Together with most famous cow leather and sheep leather–which is lighter and flexible– you will find fox, goat and rabbit fur.

-The best: because they are manufacturers selling directly to the public, prices are much more interesting than in stores far away from the circuit. Moreover, you can buy custom sized clothes and you will find a wide variety of sizes, from XS to XXL. The experience of the years in that area ensures first-class design and manufacturing.

-Discounts: from 30% to 50%.

-When: avoid Saturdays, go from Mondays to Fridays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

-Where: Murillo 600, between Scalabrini Ortiz and Gurruchaga, in Villa Crespo.

Department store version: Soleil Premium Outlet

It is far. You need to organize coordinates and time, but if you want to make first quality shopping without exceeding your budget, this is the best option. Brands are the same as in any conventional department store, but in this case you will find the outlet version. Not only you will find seconds, but previous collections and discontinued items.

-The best: together with discounts, you will be comfortable in a closed department store protecting you from inclement weather; it also has toilets and other basic facilities such as parking lot, food court, and a cinema complex. You will love the perfume store outlet with discontinued items or packaging from old designs. An ideal tour for women in search of the perfect outfit.

-Discounts: up to 70%; in sales season, prices are lower.

-When: closed on Mondays, opened from Sundays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. You’d better go from Tuesday to Friday.

-Where: Panamericana and Buen Ayre, Boulogne.

The newest: Distrito Arcos Premium Outlet

It is an open shopping area in the heart of Buenos Aires. Built in a space formerly occupied by railway sheds of a city train line, the 65 first-class stores were installed in the recycled arcs of the viaduct going through that area. The distinctive concept of this area is that it sells clothes from the current season and outlet as well.

-The best: together with prices, the landscaping space of the area surpasses the other outlet options. This closed area in the open has lots of signs, flowerbeds and benches to rest. Moreover, there are interesting cuisine options characteristic of Palermo area.

-Discounts: from 20% to 60%.

-When: Due to its open and exclusive condition, you can quietly walk around every day, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

-Where: Paraguay 4979, between Juan B. Justo and Santa Fe Avenues, in Palermo.

Luxury pop: The Palace Luxury Outlet

Thirty days of premium discounts offered twice a year, one in autumn, the other in spring, in the elegant and sophisticated Salón Tribuna Plaza of Palermo Racetrack. This outlet event offers discounts of up to 50% in products of about 60 prestigious international and national trademarks.

-The best: big discounts in exclusive brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Rochas, among others. You will find nice and tempting clothes in racks.

-Discounts: up to 50%.

-When: the next event will be from March 19 to April 19, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

-Where: Salón Tribuna Plaza of Palermo Racetrack, Avenida del Libertador 4401.



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