Atenas Sport Shop

Outdoor paradise, where making the ideal inventory for adventure.


Atenas Sport Shop

Outdoor paradise, where making the ideal inventory for adventure.

Horarios de atención: Mondays to Fridays, from 10 am to 7 pm. Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm

Before boarding the plane or bus towards your adventure destination, you should visit “Atenas Sport Shop”, a store located a few meters from the Obelisk, which are available over fifteen thousand articles related to the world of camping and outdoor activities.

Considered as the outdoor Mall, in Atenas they offer not only countless products and brands but also have a skilled and honest personal assistance that ensures happy stays at convenient prices. Here you will find equipment for sailing, swimming, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing, running both urban and wild, trekking, hiking, hunting, adventure and of course camping. "As a matter of logistics and freight costs, travelers prefer to be fitted in Buenos Aires. They find it more convenient and accessible, "says Javier, owner of the premises with nearly ten years of history.

Argentina is one of the best places to test the courage and learn from privileged locations some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet

When defining the essential of any stay outdoors, Javier marks a clear criterion: weather. That is, when our destiny does or might get cold, you need items prepared to support such temperature and make our expedition a pleasant memory. For example, a tent for low temperature should have aluminum rods because the fiber ones break easily. Same with sleeping bags: there is a variety graduated according to the cold of the place. Among the best sellers are the towels and fast drying clothing in addition to those with UV protection and antibacterial fabrics.

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Among the thousand and one shelves of Atenas there are jackets, ski boots, thermal socks, hats, gloves, specialized footwear, wetsuits, backpacks, tents, insulation, inflatable mattresses, conservative, thermal pots, stoves, lanterns, flashlights, rain coats, water resistant phone covers and cameras and technology for sports such as watches with gps, WiFi, thermometers, among hundreds of items from international brands such as: Columbia, Salomon, Hi-Tec, Coleman, Helatodo, Garmin, Festina, Victorinox, Aquapac, Aquaflot, Kayak Acción, Athix, Doite, Hummer, Garmont and Pirén, the brand developed by the same house sports Atenas.

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