Tango Porteño: One of the best Tango shows in Buenos Aires

In downtown Buenos Aires and a few meters from the Obelisk


Tango Porteño: One of the best Tango shows in Buenos Aires

Mar 05, 2020


In downtown Buenos Aires and a few meters from the Obelisk

Tango Porteño is one of the main and oldest Tango Shows in Buenos Aires. One block from the Obelisk you can enjoy one of the best tango shows in the world.

If you are looking to experience tango in Buenos Aires, this is one of the ideal spots to spend a beautiful evening.

In downtown Buenos Aires and a few meters from the Obelisk, in Cerrito 570, an illuminated Broadway-style marquee is shown, which makes it impossible for the location to go unnoticed. Tango Porteño has been there for more than 10 years, it is one of the reference places when we talk about this artistic tradition so typical of the city. This building belonged to the Metro Goldwyn Mayer and functioned as a movie-theater; It was part of the stages where the typical orchestras dazzled those present in the Golden Decade of Tango. By the 90s, the establishment was once again a movie-theater with modern facilities, until a decade ago when Tango Porteño took the reins and recovered the Art Deco of the 40s to give life to the most glorious era of tango.

This location has capacity for 800 people, although in high season, the room capacity can increase since some areas in the upper part of the building are enabled.

Being so large, it allows you to experience the show well from any angle of the room, but anyway, it is divided into categories that can be booked according to the service that the client prefers.

The Tango Porteño show

Bailando Tango
is the name of the show that features the choreography of the world-renowned dancer, Mora Godoy. The stage of Tango Porteño, one of the largest in Buenos Aires, houses 20 artists who display their talent for more than an hour in a show that is divided into three parts: traditional tango, malambo and electronic (or modern) tango.

From the first minute, the show generates a mystique impossible to forget. The curtains open and there you can visualize a first dance company that moves to the rhythm of the 2x4 tango style of the 40s.

Throughout the show, the orchestra -composed of seven musicians-, the dancers and the singer, generate a true journey and take you back in time through their skills and passion, as well as a stunning scenery and costumes that makes dancers stand out even more.

The show also has its moment of folklore and by the middle of it, two gauchos appear to display their skills in the zapateo, malambo, boleadoras and bombo. The public is always impressed by what is shown in the 9 minutes of this section.

Towards the end, you can enjoy the electronic or modern tango, which gave a twist to the traditional one that became a trend in Europe, which is why many choose this event. The skill of the dancers in this section still impress and the duets transforms into a trio for some time and the artists show all their sensual imprint in a stylish way.

This show is suitable for the whole family and all types of visitors who want to enjoy one of the best tango shows in the City of Buenos Aires.

The Tango Porteño service

It is generally thought that in the most economical categories, the show can’t be appreciated in the best way. This is not the case of Tango Porteño that offers different options, but all with excellent views. There is the possibility of taking a free tango class in the Tango Porteño itself, for all those who sign in for dinner options (in this case the passengers must inform the desire to attend the tango class and must go by their own means)

Show Only: Starting at 9 pm, you can enter the premises and request drinks and food a la carte that are paid at the time. Does not include transfer.

VIP Show Only: Includes two beef or ham and cheese empanadas. You can also enjoy free drinks all night: water, sodas, Benjamín Nieto Malbec and Benjamín Nieto Chardonnay Wines - Nieto Senetiner Winery. It includes transfer.

Dinner Show Platea: Starting at 7:30 pm, visitors who select this option, may choose to access a free tango class that takes place on the top floor of the building (remember that for the tango class passengers must inform if they want to take the class and must also attend by their own means). Later, you will enjoy the dinner, which has three starter options, four main courses -including steak chorizo; chicken thighs; pork flank steak and pasta- and two traditional desserts. Includes free drinks all night and coffee or tea at the end of dinner. It also includes transfer. The show is appreciated from the exclusive terrace of the premises.

EXECUTIVE DINNER SHOW: Includes a free tango class and has an excellent location. The dinner menu also consists of three steps, in addition to free drinks all night. For this service, the wines included are Alamos Red Blend and Alamos Chardonnay Wines - Catena Zapata Winery. Includes transfer to and from the hotel.

VIP DINNER SHOW: This service was created for the most demanding visitors who want to have a luxurious experience. The transfer is done in private cars, which gives you an extra exclusivity. After the tango class, the clients go to the lounge in an exclusive area in front of the stage, to taste a delicious dinner consisting of three steps. There you can choose from four starters, six main courses – Angus steak chorizo; beef tenderloin; pink salmon; chicken thighs; grilled pork flank steak and veal ravioli; and four dessert options, a passion fruit bavarois is added to the classic repertoire. The menu is also accompanied by free drinks and the distinguished wines are D.V. Catena Cabernet Malbec and D.V. Catena Chardonnay Chardonnay - Catena Zapata Winery.

Some observations: For people who choose to take the tango class, they must confirm assistance, in addition to taking into account that the transfer in that case will only take you back to the hotel.

On the other hand, it is important to take into consideration that the place has a menu repertoire suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs. In the last case, the menu adapts to the requirements of the person who has coeliac disease or gluten allergy, so they can enjoy our courses, without improvisation and even with a suitable bread basket included. The waiters and chefs of the place are informed about it, so it is safe to enjoy the menu without risk of cross contamination.

In general, the raw material with which all menus are prepared presents the highest quality and stands out as a 5-star kitchen. All this, combined with a top-level show, which makes the evening a complete and unforgettable experience.

Show: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gastronomy: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
One block from the Obelisk

Price: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
One of the most accessible shows with the best price/quality ratio from all your available options



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