Where chefs eat: Martín Molteni

The argentine chooses his favorite options for Buenos Aires to go.


Where chefs eat: Martín Molteni

Nov 23, 2017


The argentine chooses his favorite options for Buenos Aires to go.

Martín Molteni discovered his passion for cooking when he was just a teenager. He studied in Australia, and he trained and worked in France. On his return to Argentina he began to be interested in local ingredients, which gave him notoriety to his kitchen, enriched with regional touches. From 2006 until 2018 he headed his restaurant Pura Tierra, in the Barrio of Belgrano, "inspired by nature", where you could try dishes with llama, lamb, yacare caiman, rabbit and all kind of fishes, and today he continues to be in charge of his own catering.

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires:

"I really like Restó. If I want to eat at the counter, I choose Los platitos, one of the classics of Costanera, where I order sausage or rump sandwich".

Restaurants in Argentina provinces:

"In Mendoza, Siete cocinas, Fuente y fonda and María Antonieta. I ate very simple and delicious meals in María Antonieta, such as breaded veal chop, pies and dishes with eggs”.


"I do not go out much, I don't have time. But I have very good references of Victoria Brown and Harrison".

Ice-cream Shop:

"Volta. I order zabaione, milk caramel... and when I am greedy: banana split. However, I like mixing creamy flavors with a sorbet, so I usually order raspberry or any other fruit flavor".


"I buy bread at Le pain quotidien and L´epi".


"Bokoto. I find it tasty and consistent".

Traditional Pizza:

"I am not a fan of the classic Argentine pizza, so greasy and lots of cheese. I prefer Napolitan pizza. But if I have to choose one, I choose the onion pizza from El cuartito".



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